Feeding Families, Feeding Hope Since 1982

About Us


Our Mission

To fight hunger by efficiently collecting and distributing free food to families directly as a food pantry, and our surplus free to other non-profit food pantries as a food bank; both without zipcode restrictions!


The Community Food Bank is in its 32nd year of operation.  It is a Texas non-profit corporation, is exempt under section 501(c)(3) and classified under section 509(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.

In 1982, local philanthropists, Mr. Arlen and Mrs. Helen Voldness started a soup kitchen located in the Beautiful Feet Church of Fort Worth, Texas.  They soon realized the overwhelming need for warm meals and the soup kitchen quickly moved into a building of a former a lumber yard.  A year later, the soup kitchen incorporated to Loaves & Fishes and moved to a new location, an old Jax Beer Distribution Warehouse at 3200 Yuma in South Fort Worth.  As the demand grew for their services, the name changed to The Metroplex Food Bank to reflect its expanding client base. The food bank successfully operated for many years until a devastating arson fire in 2006 resulted in the loss of the building.


Though gutted, the food bank persevered with its mission to fight hunger.  Donated food items were immediately distributed to a small list of clients and to partnering agencies. In September 2009, the food bank sold the Yuma location, moved to its current home at 3000 Galvez Avenue, and in May of 2010 changed its name to the Community Food Bank, Inc.   With 23,200 square feet of refrigerated and freezer space, the Community Food Bank is able to serve even more children and families. The Voldness’s original vision was kept alive by past Board Chair Mrs. Opal Lee. Today, the food bank is governed by new Board of Directors and is efficently managed by Rudy and Regena Taylor.