Feeding Families, Feeding Hope Since 1982


Thank you for your support in providing groceries for our HIKIDS families. It helps us to teach the “Earn Mentality” by rewarding (providing groceries) to the youth for their passing school grades and community service. Our HIKIDS families and staff appreciate all your assistance in providing nourishment to our youth which will help them develop mentally and physically. 

H.I.K.I.D.S, Inc. is a faith-based organization designed to guide and help the youth of inner-city Fort Worth develop mentally, physically, socially and morally. Also it’s a motivational program designed to aid and encourage all youth to develop self-esteem as well as a sense of self- accomplishment. Again, thank you for all of your support and helping us help kids!

David A. Carrizales

HIKIDS Chairman

Jean Thomas

 "I do enjoy volunteering at the Community Food Bank. I enjoy people and the atmosphere that is here. They are very warm and caring people that are ministering to one of the basic needs of people and pets. It is so rewarding!"

Blessed to be a Blessing

Yolanda Arenas

“I recently lost my job and was given food by the Community Food Bank. The folks here are very friendly and the food given was great. So great I brought up my grandchildren and great grandchild. I am glad you are here to help us!”

Yolanda Arenas, Fernie Fernandez Jr., Ruben Escobar, Marisa Salinas, Ruben Escobar Jr.(first great grandchild)