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Benefits of Donation

What are the benefits of your donation ? 

Inventory Donation:

Community Food Bank helps your non-performing inventory, overstock, closeout, shelf pulls, fixtures, furniture, and equipment into meals for our hungry community in need.

For more information, please contact us at (817) 924 - 3333 or through email at rudytaylor@food-bank.org

Free up warehouse space:

  • As a nonprofit partner, CFB can help your business remove unwanted and excess inventory from your supply chain
  • You control the disposition of your unwanted assets when you donate to CFB
  • Corporate Responsibility is easier to demonstrate when you repurpose your obsolete
  • inventory with Community Food Bank

Income tax deduction

  • Under the Internal Revenue code, most donations are tax deductible
  • Contact your tax advisor or www.irs.gov for any tax related questions

Help to feed the hungry

  • Your donations will feed more than 400 hungry families each day
  • We use or sell the donation products we receive to help buy food, that we then in return pass on to those in need

What Community Food Bank accepts

  • We accept a wide array of items, both new and used
  • Large or small quantities
  • Fixtures, furniture & equipment
  • Non-performing assets
  • Obsolete Inventory


Q: Types of donations items accepted?

A: Donations of all kinds - new, used, commercial parts, retail items,
discontinued items, and anything you may see as obsolete or scrap parts. Raw chemicals, food or pharmaceuticals cannot be accepted unfortunately.

Please feel free to contact the director if you have any inquiries or concerns.

Q: Who takes care of price of transportation? Will it be accepted as a tax deduction?

A: The donor is responsible for any shipping and transportation costs as they can be accepted
for tax deduction. To ensure your items can serve as tax credit please consult with your tax
advisor. If the donor cannot arrange shipping or transportation of donations, Community Food
Bank will employ necessary resources to handle such.

Q: How long does donation process take?

A: We will try our best to accommodate donor’s time restrictions. Complete donation can be
achieved in as a short as a day’s time. The duration of an average donation process, however, is
a week.

Q: Do you accept scrap material?

A: In almost all scenarios, we will accept scrap inventory without any charge. We will 
recycle the items in an environmentally and friendly manner.

Q: What are privacy policies?

A: Community Food Bank provides this site for information purposes regarding our operations
and effects. No documentation or registration is required beyond standard activity logs, which
may be used for data analysis purposes. No specific donor information gathered through this
site or program will be made public to unrelated persons except if required by law
Donors will be asked to give enough information to property to conduct business with
Community Food Bank. No information exchanged will be shared without appropriate
permission. In addition, no logos, insignias, or trademarks will be used without consent and
shall be property only of respective owners.