Feeding Families, Feeding Hope Since 1982


Our Mission

To fight hunger by efficiently collecting and distributing free food to families directly as a food pantry, and our surplus free to other non-profit food pantries as a food bank; both without zipcode restrictions!

Hunger Problem is Solvable

Community Food Bank serves an average of 400 plus families daily free without zipcode restriction. We are:

  • Working with the Tarrant County Workforce Solutions in training TANF clients with skills to look for employment in the future.
  • Partnering with the Health and Human Service Department to provide a SNAP/ TANF/ Medicare Program for our families.
  • Partnering with other non profit agencies that accepts CFB client referrals for home goods services.  
  • An expanded Food Collection Outreach Program so various retailers and wholesalers can donate more food items. 

Valuable Partnership

Don't Forget to Feed Me

DF2FM Pet Food Bank is a valued partner to Community Food Bank. DF2FM supporters and volunteers provide a service that benfits our community at large.