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Feeding Families. Feeding Hope. Since 1982.

Food Pantry Hours:
Monday – Thursday (9 AM – 1 PM)

Reasons to Support the Community Food Bank

The Community Food Bank’s food pantry feeds an average of 600 families per day, 4 days a week. Folks come from all over North Texas because we specialize in fresh and frozen meats, produce, and dairy.

Hunger is a Real Problem in North Texas

It is tragic that 1 in 4 kids, right here in our community, go to bed hungry each night.

Hunger is Not Prejudiced

Hunger does not care about gender, race, color, religion, age, or disability.

We Serve with Dignity and Respect

We serve children, families, seniors, veterans, the homeless, and the working poor. Sadly, many grandmothers have a hard time feeding their grand and great grandkids because the parents are on drugs or in jail. Fixed incomes only goes so far; children are innocent and should never be hungry.

Please help by donating $25 or more to the Community Food Bank.

North Texas Giving Day is Thursday, September 20 from 6 AM to midnight.

Thank you!

Nutritious Box Lunches

Nutritious Box Lunches

Your support enables us to distribute food boxes to the hungry in our community including a partnership with area schools. We distributed over 1,000,0000 of these boxes within the last year alone.

Disaster Relief Room

Disaster Relief Room

We have been able to help hundreds of families displaced by hurricanes in the US or political strife abroad. Thanks to collaborative efforts with Trusted World and World Vision, we are able to feed hope to those in our community.

Food Line Distribution

Food Line Distribution

During just the third week of August, we served 2,694 families through our food lines, including 50 people per day coming to the food bank for the very first time.

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships

Through our partnership with community organizations, we are able to provide an opportunity for individuals needing to complete community service to serve at the food bank.

Support for Pets

Support for Pets

We have partnered with the Humane Society of North Texas to provide free spaying and neutering services to the pets of our clients. We also provide cat and dog food.

Corporate Service

Corporate Service

We are grateful to provide opportunities for global corporations and local organizations to give back to the community through their service at our food bank.

An Awning to Shade our Friends in the Food Line from the Sun

With the hot Texas temperatures during the summer, our friends in the food line would find great relief in an awning to protect them as they wait.

Mark your Calendars

4th Annual Iron Chef Competition

October 18, 2018

Details coming soon

Feeding Families. Feeding Hope.

We are grateful to Dr. Lynda Mubarak for donating a portion of the sales from her new book, Maxine’s New Job, to the Community Food Bank! You can order Dr. Mubarak’s book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Click on the video above for a preview of this new book followed by a few comments from Dr. Mubarak.

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