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Volunteer Profile: Amazon (July 31)

Thank you to Amazon for once again serving at the Community Food Bank during one of our busiest days when we have two food lines available to the public. One of the volunteers today was Stacy Johnson, who has served at the Community Food Bank with Amazon at least once a month throughout 2019. She is an FC Associate 1 with Amazon, which she describes this way: “If you order something, I’m going to put it in a box, and send it your way.”  Stacy shared why she enjoys volunteering her time at the food bank: “I was in a position like they were, so it gives me pleasure [to serve them]. I was in their shoes. I understand how they feel. So when they say ‘Thank you,’ I can say ‘You’re welcome,’ because I know how they feel.” We feel blessed to have people like Stacy sharing their time to help feed families and feed hope to our community!