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Volunteer Profile: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

During these COVID-19 days, the Community Food Bank is more grateful than ever for the teams of volunteers who serve on our food pantry line. On Wednesday of this week, a church group played a significant role in helping us feed families and feed hope. We had the opportunity to interview two elders who are missionaries with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Elder John (left), who came to the area from Colorado, shared: “We got called here to Texas, and we just serve those around us. Today, we came to the Community Food Bank to serve. We come here every Wednesday, and we love being able to serve here in the community. Today we helped move some of the food out to the front to get to the people. I moved a lot of the milk and the meats and some boxes.”

Elder Petersen, who came to North Texas from Idaho 8 weeks ago, also shared, “I came out here to help people find peace and comfort in this crazy time…because it’s a little crazy out there. I also came here because I like serving others…to look out for them and give them what they most desire. I was more on the outside. I carried boxes, milk, and stuff to their cars and helped them get into their cars.”

Thank you to not only Elders John and Petersen, but also to their entire team for serving our community!