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Hope Fort Worth

When Hope Fort Worth learned about a family that was about to have their kids taken away from the home because their house was too hot, they reached out to us to see if we had an air conditioner that we could donate. Thankfully, we did! A member of Hope Fort Worth’s board shared, “The Community Food Bank has done a wonderful thing here because we are trying to keep the family together through the ministry of Hope Fort Worth. We don’t want the kids to get separated from their house, and one of the requirements is that they have to have another air conditioner unit in their home for these kids. The Community Food Bank has come through. They said, ‘We have one, and we’d like to donate it to Hope Fort Worth.'” The Community Food Bank also donated boxes of nutritious food for the family. Hope Fort Worth works with local churches to reach out to orphaned and vulnerable children. You can learn more about their outreach here.