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A Heart-Felt Thank You Letter

Dear Community Food Bank,

During my time of adversity you displayed the heart of pure goodness and effective leadership.

You give real food, during the holidays. You give with all the sides to make a real Thanksgiving or Holiday Feast.

I felt the genuine generosity! There was so much cheer, that day, winter 2013!

You did not make me feel like little, dirty, or “less than,” for coming to ask for help, during my time of adversity.

You treated us all the same: whether, we were prostitutes, pot heads, or just in need of a little extra help – your lover sells the food stamps, cause they refuse to work, only stay. High, prostitute, and the prostitute the mothers of women, with lust, and possible physical, verbal, or emotional abuse.

But thank God. You all don’t ask all that.

You all don’t say, “So, how did you get here? Why should I give to you?”

No, you are very kind, you are professional. The Restroom is nice, clean, fresh, and very respectable.

Yes, I would come again if I needed to.

Moreover, this time I do get to home again. A giver this time!

THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING me to feel human, and NOT degraded, for the choices I had made, that led me to that place of asking/humiliation (for me).

Thank you (now with huge crocodile tears, as I wrote this letter).

Live,Grow, be blessed and may your heart feeling the love; as much hard work it is required, to have such a nice, clean, clear, courteous place to serve. THANK YOU FORT WORTH, TEXAS COMMUNITY FOOOD BANK. The people on the bus, just called you all, “Galvez. Go over there. They will help you.” You are really trying to recover the hurting.

Thank you,

Truly A. Livingston