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Spay Neuter Network Services

Charlee Vance and Sarah Ozuna from the Spay Neuter Network visit the Community Food Bank twice a week to offer their organization’s pet services to our clients.  According to Sarah, “Our program is free to anyone living in the city of Fort Worth as long as they are residents. Cats and dogs are free. We will also microchip them and rabbis vaccinate them as part of the package.”

Charlee mentioned there is no limit to the number of pets people can have treated. “Four or five dogs or cats–that’s perfectly fine.”

They can usually treat pets within a few days of scheduling the procedure. The drop-off time for the procedure at their Fort Worth clinic (3117 E. Seminary Drive) is 7:30 AM, and the pickup time for treated pets is from around 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM, depending on the pet. Sarah shared, “They are awake. They are alert. They walk out of the clinic. They have their little cones on, and they are happy to see their mom and dad.” Charlee added that the pets often run to their parents.

The Spay Neuter Network also gives low-cost vaccines to pets at their clinic Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM with no appointment needed. They also offer flea and tick medication as well as heartworm medication. Charlee said, “You do have to pay, but it is low cost. They do have to bring their pet in and wait on them, and then they can walk back out with the medicine.”

When the network visits the food bank, they also bring some food for both dogs and cats.

You can learn more about the Spay Neuter Network on their Facebook group and set a spay/neuter appointment by calling either Charlee (817-383-1352) or Sarah (817-382-2027).